Edilbeton. Avant-garde technology in the world of construction

Strengthened by 50 years of prefabrication experience, Edilbeton continues to stay experience, Edilbeton continues to stay ahead of the times by developing advanced technologies -it is number one in Italy in acquiring new technologies- designing and producing building components for both housing and industry, for roads, railroads, and large plants. With the goal of satisfying complex needs, Edilbeton has drawn from decades of experience and specific know-how to create functional solutions used effectively in the construction of many prominent works, such as high-speed railroad lines, hotels, shopping centers and community centers.

Edilbeton achieves an important competitive advantage in the management of commissions through the rationalization of costs, production processes and construction times, by taking advantage of the industrial and commercial synergies of Generale Prefabbricati company (Spiroll Division and Industrialized Construction Division). By continuously maintaining the highest quality standards -its entire production meets UNI ISO 9001:2000 standardsfor many years Edilbeton has contributed to the success of many construction works in Italy, Europe and the world through the production of architectural panels for facades and for residential, office and commercial buildings and of raised technical floors.


GFRC is an innovative material that was originally tested in Russia around 1940, but that was finally developed around the end of the 1970s in the United States. It is a compound made of a concrete matrix, water and aggregates with the addition of glass fibers to provide reinforcement. GFRC is mainly used to manufacture prefabricated elements and cladding panels for buildings’ façades.

Main specifications of GFRC

  • lightness;
  • overall economy of the application;
  • resistance to fire;
  • waterproofing;
  • excellent resistance to chemical agents present in the air;
  • ease of installation;
  • low maintenance cost;
  • vast range of finishes;
  • ease of transport.


S-Floor raised floor systems are the right answer to the growing need for flexibility and modularity in the building of office centers and working environments. S-Floor makes it possible to have a hollow space below the floor surface for transmission, automation, data processing and telephone network cabling and electrical wiring, avoiding unattractive exposed installations and offering extreme flexibility for operations involving the inspection, repair, changing or adding of system elements. The innovative technological solutions used in the production process, the simplicity and effectiveness of the support and containment structures and the vast possibilities for custom finishes for the panels have allowed Edilbeton to create a flooring system that combines the solidity of traditional slabs with the practicalness and flexibility of a raised modular configuration, offering construction solutions that blend coherently and harmoniously with other architectural elements.