GRC or GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is the ultimate architectural product amongst the wide range of prefabricated elements produced by GENERALE PREFABBRICATI, a leading Italian company in the field of prefabricated construction products that is associated with EDIL BETON PERUGIA SPA. GRC panels are the ideal choice for the cladding of building’s façades. In fact, thanks to their malleability and flexibility as well as to the wide range of finishes available, they have become the preferred architectural feature for many prestigious buildings. For over forty years, EDIL BETON PERUGIA has been a leader in this particular market niche devoted to buildings’ façades, and its products can be found all over the world.

SFLOOR is a technical raised flooring system produced by EDIL BETON PERUGIA. It is the only raised flooring system made of concrete compound in the world. The use of traditional products, such as concrete and iron, perfectly matches the production technique and, above all, ensures a long-lasting product, as it is typical of concrete floors. Its acoustic comfort and the feeling of walking on a traditional floor make this flooring system truly unique. Moreover, its flexibility in relation to the covered space, with a variable plenum height available for under-floor cabling and systems, is also unique and allows for continuous adjustments that the building may need.